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Blocked Drains

When your drains go wrong, it can be a complete nightmare, so if you are experiencing blockages, gurgles, slow water draining or bad smells that are coming from your drains and you think something serious is wrong, it’s always best to call in the experts. Whatever drainage problems you have from drain cleaning or drain unblocking, we at DCF Drain Services have seen it all before, and we’ve fixed it all before.

High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting is an effective way to clear your drains. While you can use drain rods to clear blockages, these sometimes cannot reach the problem, or simply force it further along the pipe. High Pressure Water Jetting can be far more effective as the jetting hose can negotiate bends, travel further down the pipe, and exert more force on any blockage to remove it.

CCTV Survey

If a blockage is more persistent, there may be a more extensive issue to investigate and fix we can identify these problems with a CCTV survey. We can carry out full CCTV surveys of drainage systems, producing a written report, DVD of the survey and our recommendations for any remedial work.

Drain Lining

Pipe lining is a method of repairing cracked or damaged pipe work without the need to do a excavation of the pipe itself. DCF Drain Services do offer a complete range of lining systems as detailed.

Drag lining is the use of a structural liner is cost effective and ideal for runs with no bends.

Epoxy Inversion lining is a flexible liner ideal for runs with multiple bends, as this method will traverse the bend without causing creases or pipe reduction at the bends.

Epoxy Patch is a localised repair to a single fault were a full length liner is not required.

Drain Excavation & Replacement

Sometimes, in worst-case situations, replacement of the drain pipe is necessary and a no-dig replacement just won’t do it, in these cases we carry out fast, minimal damage drain excavations.

Occasionally a blockage is just too tight, or a drain pipe too seriously damaged or even collapsed, in such cases fitting a replacement pipe is the only option and excavation is required. We don’t take excavations lightly as they can be very disruptive as well as taking longer and costing more than our no-dig methods, but when we really are faced with no other choice we minimize the digging as much as possible and carry out all works in the quickest possible time.

Planned Maintenance Contracts

For commercial premises we recommend regular maintenance checks to identify any potential problems early before they become more serious emergencies. A regular CCTV inspection by feeding a camera down your drains can check to ensure there is no build up or blockage which could become a long term problem. We offer a pre planned maintenance programme to keep your drains running freely and your business running smoothly, call us and we will advise you on a package tailored to suit your requirements.